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InCtrl5 1.0

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Virtually every modern program has an install utility that installs or updates files, records data in the Registry, and possibly updates INI files or other essential text files.

Likewise, modern programs include an uninstall utility that should precisely reverse the effects of the install utility.

When a newly-installed program causes existing applications to fail, or when the supplied uninstall utility can't complete its task, you need a record of exactly what the original install utility did.

If you use InCtrl5 to track all your installations, you'll have that record when you need it. InCtrl5 records a "snapshot" of your system before the install utility runs.

Afterward, it records another snapshot, compares the two, and reports the differences in HTML format, plain text, or comma-separated values format.

Supported Operating System(s) MAC OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP,
File Size 0.8 MB
Version 1.0
License Type Freeware
Requirements None
Author's Website Publisher's Website

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Added 2011/09/17
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